Booth Fee Q&A

What does “juried show” mean?

This is a process in which you must apply to be in the show. You application will then go through a jury process to determine acceptance. The jury process is in place to limit categories and to raise the quality of the show and in turn, attract patrons.

How can I improve my application or craft if not accepted into the show ?

A few ways to impress the jury is to have clear and creative photos of your products. It is best to submit photos of individual items rather than in a grouping. A booth photo with a professional appearance is required. Some craft categories are heavily saturated. If you apply in a category that attracts a lot of submissions, applications will be accepted based on photo submission, quality of work, quality of materials used, the process in which the product is made, and in some cases, which application was received first.

What is included with the booth fee?

The booth fee is used to cover venue rent, event insurance, advertising, promotional materials. In some instances, musicians, bathroom and sink rental, staffing, and any other accrued costs.